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Company Messages


"Welcome to our website and thank you for the interest shown towards our company. It is our desire to transform the company into macro enterprise through new collaborations, partnerships, joint ventures, to share the expertise and experience in a boundless business environment.The objective of our next step forward shall focus on the diversification towards productive and lucrative global business ventures in the areas of all other sectors. We believe that our businesses must touch the lives of people meaningfully. I welcome you to be a part of our journey! "

- Rahana Akther,
Chairman at M/s. B.M. Trading
Manageing Director

"Thank you to be interested towards our company BM Trading. Our real strength comes from our persistent commitment to the society. We believe in growing our business while enhancing the lives of people, everywhere we operate.Our success is founded on a very simple philosophy, we honor our commitment. I welcome you to be a part of our journey ! "

- Md. Sayedul Hoque Khan,
Managing Director at M/s. B.M. Trading